Dr Dana Cohen
Dr. Dana Cohen, BMD Integrative Medical Doctor in NYC
Beat Fatigue, Drop Weight, And Heal Your Body Through Optimum Hydration

Proper Hydration is the key to unlocking optimal health. But we need to start looking at hydration for what it is: the very essence of our health. 

We don’t need to chug a gallon of water every day. We can also get it from delicious foods. Join me in this session to understand how hydration, fatigue, weight loss, and healing relate.

Ben Greenfield
Ben Greenfield, Author, Speaker, Biohacker
Real-World Advice On Proper Hydration

Hydration should come from water, most people know that. But what water? How much water should we drink? And why is water in gel-like states so good for our body?

Join Tracy and me for a conversation about hydrating with more than just fluid water, the role that sunlight plays, and other practical tips on putting the right type of water into our bodies.

Dr Gerald Pollack
Dr. Gerald Pollack, Ph. D. Biomedical Engineering, Author of The Fourth Phase of Water
How We Can Benefit From The 4th Phase Of Water
4th phase water, or EZ water, has a beneficial impact on our health and wellbeing. But why is that and how do you make EZ water at home? Join me in this session and understand how the electrical charges in EZ water hydrate our cells better and promote good health.
Robert Slovak
Robert Slovak, Co-Founder, Water & Wellness
The Health & Performance Benefits Of Reverse Osmosis

Our regular water can contain contaminants that can cause chronic conditions because the chemical industry is evolving quicker than regulatory agencies can keep up.

With Reverse Osmosis, you can purify your tap water and bring back the healing and energizing power it naturally has.

Dr Perry Nickelston
Dr. Perry Nickelston, DC, NKT, FMS, SFMA, Chiropractic Physician
Enhance Your Wellbeing By Removing Waste From Your Lymphatic System

What is the most powerful system in your body that you never hear about? The lymphatic system. It’s clear liquid that surrounds the cells of your body. 

If you have a chronic pain or illness, you likely have a lymphatic problem. In this session, I’ll show you how to remove waste from your lymphe to feel better, get healthy, and reach peak performance.

Dolf Zantinge, Entrepreneur, IT, AI, Big Data, and Water Expert
Coherent Water And Its Impact On Our Health

Dolf is a pioneer in the research on coherent water and the impact electromagnetic fields have on water. His research found that water can store information that our bodies readily absorb.

In this session, Tracy and Dolf explain the health and wellness benefits of coherent water, how nature made coherent water a part of our bodies already, and how you can leverage its benefits at home easily.

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